a historical display

Anywhere But Here

of housing discrimination in Oregon

A Traveling Historic Exhibit

The Fair Housing Council (FHCO) has two traveling exhibit dubbed Anywhere but Here.

Both consist of photographs, text, and personal quotes chronicling the history of housing discrimination in Oregon.

The 2014 exhibit (shown at right) includes seven richly illustrated panels chronicling the history of housing discrimination in Oregon.

You can preview the 2014 panels in PDF format by clicking here.

The original, shown below, features six interconnected panels. For a simulation of the six-panel display in PDF format, click here.



2014 Anywhere But Here Exibit

You can preview the 2014 panels in PDF format by clicking here.


Original Anywhere But Here Exibit

Download Exhibit Brochure

Both displays are available for conferences, cultural celebrations and historic remembrances, as well as for exhibition in public buildings such as schools, governmental offices, libraries, etc. Following are just a few images and captions included in the exhibit.

To Reserve the Exhibit:

We would be pleased to have the exhibit at your event or building. Please contact us at 503/223-8197 Ext. 111 or information@FHCO.org to check availability and expense details.

Before the Fair Housing Act was amended in 1988, more than 60% of the state’s rental units were off-limits to families with children

In 1945, the Social Work Journal declared Portland the most discriminatory city north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Oregon’s first constitution, passed in 1857, denied African-Americans the right to live in the state.


2014 Exhibit Specifications:

Space requirements: 150 square feet
Size: Seven panels, each 34” x 85” and 11 lbs
Shipping: Travels in two crates w/ wheels
Fee: Modest administrative cost plus shipping if outside Portland metro. area
Assembly: Requires one person and takes 20 minutes to assemble

Original Exhibit Specifications:

Space requirements: At least 12' x 12'
Weight: Three crates (90, 75 & 50 lbs)
Fee: Shipping and administrative costs
Security: Moderate; Insurance rider required
Assembly: Approximately 45 minutes for two individuals to assemble

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The display ships with this colorful banner that can be hung from grommets or stand with included free-standing base and poles.

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