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Poster Contest


Annual Fair Housing Poster Contest


2015 Theme: "Together We Make a Neighborhood"


This annual contest is open to children in 1st through 8th grade. Entry is free and prizes are awarded for the winning submissions. Download the most recent brochure for further details. Note the theme is changed annually with the entry deadline in advance of April, which is National Fair Housing Month, each year.


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Congratulations The 2013 Winners!

Click here for a complete list of winners.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Each of ten children win cash prizes and hundreds of the Grand Prize Winning posters are printed in full color and distributed each year.

"Fair Housing" is the name for the civil rights laws that protect people's right to live where they choose.  Each year, we invite school-aged children to submit unique artwork illustrating a fair housing-related theme. 

Prizes are awarded in three different age groups.  The deadline is in March each year, in order for review and publication of the Grand Prize winning poster for distribution by April, which is National Fair Housing Month. 


Ashely receives congratulations from Commissioner Nick Fish

Ashley Robinson, 5th Grade
Duniway Elementary School, Portland, Oregon
Teacher: Nina Levine

Ashley displays her fair housing artwork at City Hall during Portland's Fair Housing Month Proclamation service.

Ashley Robinson is a delightful, spry 11 year old who loves soccer, dancing, art, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her mom, dad, sisters Miranda and Alyssa. Ashley loves school and wouldn't mind if the school year extended into the summer. She particularly enjoys music, art, math and reading. Ashley is an inquisitive youngster and wants to know the "who, what and why" about everything.

When Ashley was asked why she was interested in entering the Fair Housing Poster Contest she responded, "I like art and drawing people, and I like drawing a variety of people. At first I thought it would be hard because I wanted to represent everyone and didn't know how I could, so I had to make choices." Ashley further explained that when she learned in school about the kinds of housing discrimination different groups of people experienced, "My family and I have friends from these groups, like people with kids or people who are lesbians or people with different skin colors so I think it is a really good idea to make sure people feel equally valuable, and that they are also treated equally in housing and everything...when people see my poster, I want them to think that although we are all different, we are one family. And families should live together."

Here's a shot of our judges hard at work studying some of the 2013 submissions:

Many thanks to our 2013 contest judges

Meghan Meyers, Graphic Artist; Cristina Palacios, Safe Housing Coordinator, Community Alliance of Tenants; LeRoy Patten, FHCO Board President; Ken Pryor, Community Resources Division Administrator, OHCS; Zenia Wilson, FHCO Vista Volunteer

The Fair Housing Poster Contest is presented by the Oregon Business Development Department


Former Grand Prize Winning Posters:

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