Oregon, along with rest of the country, has experienced a spike in hateful attacks on individuals because of their race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Statistics of reported incidents are only an indicator of this growing problem as only a fraction of these acts are ever reported. There has also been a simultaneous rise in the number of active hate groups. There are now 11 such groups operating in Oregon.

“Harassment, threats and intimidation” in housing based on protected class violate the federal Fair Housing Act (Section 818). This includes acts carried out by housing providers, their staff and vendors, and also by neighbors. All housing providers, including landlords, managers of manufactured/mobile home parks and home owner association (HOA) boards have the legal responsibility to intervene and address harassment based on protected class when both parties live in their communities. In 2016, HUD issued a ruling reiterating the prohibition on harassment and clarifying the liability for housing providers who neglect to intervene.

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 HUD Exchange has resources for preventing harassment in housing situations.