Forums October 2013

Fair Housing in Oregon: Pegge McGuire

Historical Perspective of Fair Housing Law and AFFH: Stella Adams

Overview of AFFH Ruling & HUD's Expectations of Communities: Jeffrey May, NCRC

Click for National Community Reinvestment Coalition Fair Housing Planning Resource Guide: Understanding the Proposed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule

Click for the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Proposed Rule

What Does Fair Housing Have to Do with Land Use Planning: Andree Tremoulet, Commonworks Consulting

  • Managing Growth to Promote Affordable Housing-Revisiting Oregon’s Goal 10
  • Initiation of UGB Rulemaking and Appointment of UGB Rules Advisory Committee
  • Metro Affordable Housing Planning: Problems Missed Opportunities, Next Steps
  • Senate Bill 100 40th Anniversary Future Perspective
  • Periodic Review Update
  • HUD Oregon Vouchers 2013

Tools and Strategies for Inclusionary Housing, Janet Byrd, Neighborhood Partnerships

Acheiving the Spirit of Fair Housing: Missed Opportunities in AI, Lisa Bates. Toulan School of Urban Studies at PSU