• Grand Prize Winner, Annaliese DuPont

  • First Place, Lucy Froman, Grades 1-3

  • First Place, June Afeman, Grades 4 and 5

  • First Place, Ainsley Lazarus, Grades 6-8

  • Second Place, Rosa Shuman, Grades 1-3

  • Second Place, Mohammed, Grades 4 and 5

  • Second Place, Alyson Glabe, Grades 6-8

  • Third Place, Sham Alayoush, Grades 1-3

  • Third Place, Jack J Williams, Grades 6-8


We are pleased to announce that the Grand Prize winner of the 23rd Annual Fair Housing Poster Contest is Annaliese DuPont of Portland. Check out her poster, as well as our other terrific winners!