Miscellaneous Information

The Fair Housing Hotline for Tenants/Housing Consumers
Hours: 1 - 4 PM M / T / Th
(503) 223-8197 ext. 2 (Portland metro area),
(800)  424-3247 ext. 2
This is a toll-free call and there is no fee associated with the Hotline service.
Residents in the City of Eugene may call the Eugene's Equity and Human Rights Office at (541) 682-5177

Landlords and other housing providers call (503) 223-8197 ext. 5
Our office is located at:
1221 SW Yamhill St. #305, Portland, Oregon, 97205

Main office: (503) 223-8197
Office fax: (503) 223-3396

Our hours of operation are:
8:30AM – 5PM, Monday - Friday
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(If this is about a possible incident of housing discrimination, please include the zip code where it occurred)