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Many Oregonians Don’t Know Our State’s History of Fair Housing Discrimination

The Fair Housing Council of Oregon has worked for over 30 years to inform Oregonians of our past and the work that we and other dedicated individuals and groups around the state have done to eradicate the pain and anguish caused by illegal housing discrimination to underserved protected class members. We still have much to accomplish, and our bus tour and traveling exhibit provide a valuable overview of where we’ve been and the challenges our state still faces in providing fair housing to all.


Did You Know?

  • In 1945, the Social Work Journal declared Oregon “the most discriminatory state north of the Mason-Dixon Line”?
  • Until 1926, Oregon’s Constitution prohibited African Americans from living in the state (the language was not officially removed until 2002)?
  • Oregon once had the largest Ku Klux Klan Klavern, per capita, in the nation?
  • As late as the 1960s, many cities and towns throughout our state had “sundown laws” that prevented African Americans and Asians from staying overnight?
  • Before 1988, nearly 70% of Oregon’s rental housing supply was designated “no children allowed”?

Join Us in Learning About Oregon’s Fair Housing Challenges

Fasten Your Seat Belts: Our Historic Bus Tours

The Fair Housing Council of Oregon offers an enlightening and engaging four-hour bus tour to organizations seeking to learn more about our state’s history and how it relates to the fair housing challenges we face today.

Hundreds of groups have taken our Fasten Your Seat Belts bus tour, including housing providers, public housing residents, government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, labor unions, educators, college students, congregations, theater companies, activist groups, and law firms.

The tour is approved for CLE credits for attorneys.


“If, as philosopher and poet George Santayana says, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,’ then ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts… It’s Been a Bumpy Ride’ is an excellent vehicle for achieving a brighter future for Portland.”


About the Tour

The tour visits sites throughout Portland and features personal stories from guest presenters with first-hand experiences to share. The two-hour post-tour facilitated discussion is an opportunity for tour participants to share their reactions, personal stories, and perspectives on the meaning of this history today.

Tour Specifications


Six hours, ordinarily 8 AM – 2 PM


Groups are responsible for the following:

  • Recruiting participants;
  • Informing FHCO of any special requests/accommodations with advance notice;
  • Informing participants:
    • To dress for the weather;
    • That they will be getting off the bus twice; and
    • That they will be standing for approximately 25 minutes each time they exit the bus.
  • Securing a meeting room for the post-tour lunch discussion;
  • Setting up the discussion room with small tables so that participants can break into small discussion groups;
  • Arranging for lunches during the discussion for all participants and FHCO staff; and
  • Cleaning up after the lunch discussion.


We can accommodate up to 48 participants. We are sometimes able to combine two smaller groups that share costs.

The Bus

We use comfortable charter buses with restrooms. We can secure a wheelchair-accessible bus if needed (please see application for more details).


Tours are scheduled Tuesdays through Thursdays from April through October.

Our 2023 season tour is full. We are accepting applications now for our 2024 season.

2024 Bus Tour Pricing

$3,200 — For-profit business
$2,800 — All government agencies
$2,800 — Nonprofits with more than a $1,000,000 budget
$2,550 — Nonprofits with more than a $500,000 budget
$2,300 — Nonprofits with less than a $500,000 budget

Please note: Prices subject to change. We do not guarantee availability of our tours. Due to their popularity, we typically schedule organizations for only one tour a year. However, we will evaluate availability on a case-by-case basis for organizations looking to book two bus tours in the same year.

Anywhere but Here

The History of Housing Discrimination in Oregon

Reserve Our History of Housing Discrimination Exhibit

The “Anywhere but Here: The History of Housing Discrimination in Oregon” portable, museum-quality exhibit consists of photographs, text, and quotes. The large seven-panel display chronicles Oregon’s largely unknown history of discrimination, segregation, and displacement, as well as the progress we’ve made in overcoming this history and the challenges that remain.

This easy-to-assemble exhibit is available for conferences, cultural celebrations, government buildings, local museums, colleges, libraries, and other venues throughout Oregon.



Seven panels, each 34” x 85” and 11 pounds.


The two crates are on wheels and fit in the trunks of most vehicles. FHCO will arrange for shipping for longer distances.


$250 administrative fee plus shipping, if needed.
Availability: From one day to two weeks.
Assembly: Requires one person; 30 minutes to assemble.