At the Fair Housing Council, we want to be sure you're aware of your rights and responsibilities under federal, state, and local fair housing laws.

Federally Protected Classes:


State Protected Classes Include

Often there are additional local protected classes. 


Fair Housing Laws Apply To:

  • individual homes, duplexes, multifamily housing (apartments, condos, and townhomes), retirement housing, adult foster homes and longterm care facilities, homeless shelters and other nonprofit housing, etc.
  • sales, rentals, mortgage lending, building and construction, home insurance, appraisals, and inspections, land use regulations, zoning, as well as neighbor-on-neighbor harassment.

What Do I Do If I Believe I Have Been a Victim of Illegal Housing Discrimination?

We encourage individuals who believe that they have been victims of illegal housing discrimination to contact us at (800) 424-3247 ext. 2 or email us.

Our hotline staff will listen to your situation and determine how best to assist. FHCO staff will discuss your options, including filing a complaint with the appropriate government agency or bringing a lawsuit in federal or state court. Sometimes your concern may not involve an allegation of housing discrimination--for example, it might be a landlord / tenant law issue--in which case, we will refer you to other appropriate services and organizations.

Are you a provider of social services with a fair housing question or a client who may have a fair housing issue?

Please email (via linked form) FHCO and an advocate will get back to you shortly.


What Can I Do to Help My Case?

Gather as much information as you can to give to FHCO staff when you call the Fair Housing Hotline at (800) 424-3247 ext. 2.

  1. Write down the details of what happened, including dates, times, who was involved, as well as the names of possible witnesses.
  2. Keep an ongoing log of events.
  3. Save any written materials that relate to your case. 

Timeframes: You have one year to file a complaint with the government, and two years to file a lawsuit in federal or state court.

What about Retaliation?

It is illegal for a housing provider to retaliate against a housing consumer for inquiring about his / her fair housing rights, filing a discrimination complaint, or otherwise taking steps to legally protect his / her civil rights in housing.