There are many laws that provide relief for victims of illegal housing discrimination. Rights and remedies can be found in federal laws, as well as state and local laws. Examples include:

  • -- The Federal Fair Housing Act and its amendments
  • -- The fair housing laws of the State of Oregon, ORS Chapter 659A and local jurisdictions
  • -- The Fair Credit Reporting Act

In addition, there are several non-fair housing related laws that affect common housing transactions. For example:

  • -- State Landlord / Tenant Laws which govern individual residential landlord-tenant relationships (OR)
  • -- State Manufactured Home Landlord / Tenant Laws (OR)
  • -- State Contract law
  • -- State License law (OR)
  • -- Equal Credit Opportunity Act which affects all aspects of credit transactions
  • -- Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, which requires lending institutions to report public loan data
  • -- Truth in Lending Act, which promotes informed consumer credit use by requiring institutions to disclose certain information to consumers
  • -- For a national summary visit HUD.gov/offices/fheo/FHLaws

At the Fair Housing Council (FHCO), we deal specifically with fair housing laws.

The answers to these FAQs provide basic information about the Fair Housing Act and some of the questions we hear most often from housing consumers, housing providers, and others affected by and held liable for complying with fair housing laws.

If you still have fair housing questions, contact our hotline at (503) 223-8197 ext. 2 (Portland metro area) or (800) 424-3247 ext. 2 or at information@fhco.org.