Pre-Recorded Courses

Fair Housing for Shelter Providers, Southern Oregon, August 2021

The objectives for this training are to better understand fair housing basics, learn how you can advocate for your clients and learn your responsibilities as a shelter provider under the Fair Housing Act


Fair Housing for Renters 2022 with American Sign Language Interpretation 

Topics Covered: 

  • Fair Housings basics
  • Disability, including reasonable accommodations, reasonable modifications and assistance animals
  • Source of Income
  • Familial status
  • Disparate impact – criminal history and national origin

Oregon RV Parks – Landlord Tenant Law and Fair Housing Responsibilities, Statewide, Sept. 2021

The objectives of this training are to better understand fair housing and landlord tenant law basics and to learn your responsibilities as a housing provider under fair housing and landlord tenant law when operating an Oregon RV Park. 


Fair Housing for Advocates – with American Sign Language Interpretation

Topics Covered:
• Fair housing basics
• Recognizing common forms of discrimination
• Protections for those living with disabilities, reasonable accommodations/modifications and assistance animals
• Protections for families with children
• Disparate impact and common forms of discrimination including HUD’s guidance on screening for criminal history
• Protections for people using a Section 8 Voucher/Housing 

Fair Housing Basics for Senior Living Providers

Topics Covered:
• Understand fair housing and specifics for adult care home providers
• Harassment in care homes
• Disability and fair housing
• Fair Housing Council of Oregon as a resource

Fair Housing for Homebuyers

Topics Covered:
• Fair housing basics
• Brief history of discrimination in homebuying and the lasting impacts
• Recognizing discrimination in the homebuying process today
• Fair Housing Council of Oregon as a resource

Fair Housing Basics Webinar

Topics Covered:

  • Definition of fair housing
  • Learn who is protected under federal, state and local fair housing laws
  • Learn to recognized red flags of fair housing discrimination
  • Learn when and how to contact The Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Fair Housing in Oregon: Uncovering and Recovering History

Topics Covered:

  • Understand how Oregon’s history of discrimination, segregation and white supremacy have influenced housing today
  • Learn about the resilience and agency of historically displaced groups
  • Explore current policies and practices that address inequity I our state and country today

Fair Housing Month Webinars

De Facto/De Jure: Reflections on a Time Before Residential Segregation

While America’s history of racism runs deep, the housing segregation we see today may not be as old as we think. This presentation is an examination of the historically integrated communities which were systematically destroyed by institutional policies and coercive violence, and the ways in which where we live might not be the free choice we think it is.

Fair Housing Source of Income Webinar

Topics Covered:
• Fair housing basics
• Definition of protected class of Source of Income
• Recognizing discrimination and barriers to housing for people using a Source of Income
• Fair Housing Council of Oregon as a resource

Fair Housing and Inclusive Communities

This session will explore the connections between fair housing choice, Oregon’s current housing crisis and the need to develop diverse housing types that meet the needs of all citizens. We’ll examine historic and modern systems that segregate neighborhoods, unpack common myths behind Not In My Backyard attitudes and learn about successful housing developments around the state.

College Housing: Know Your Fair Housing Rights

This session will cover fair housing discrimination regarding protected class and how that applies to college dorms, college family housing and how to report fair housing violations.

The Multi-Threaded Link between Housing Discrimination and Schooling Disparities

This session will explore how housing discrimination and school disparities are interlinked, the different ways in which those connections are manifested, and how to counter this centuries-long American tradition of inequity and exclusion.

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