b5cb8a78 7a76 4052 af96 20a3758315b5We are pleased to announce the promotion of Shyle Ruder from Education and Outreach Specialist to Education and Outreach Director. Shyle has been with the Fair Housing Council of Oregon for two years and in that time has led dozens of trainings, established relationships with partners across Oregon, and co-authored a brand new guide, Moving Forward with a Past. This guide will assist people with criminal histories in finding success when applying for housing. Additionally, she completed her MA in Adult Education at PSU last year.

Shyle will be managing the many activities carried out throughout the state by FHCO’s Education and Outreach program. Diane Hess, who has been serving as Education and Outreach Director, had elected to step back as a full-time staffperson, but will continue to be working part-time on a range of education and outreach projects.

Please join us in congratulating Shyle on her promotion.