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Winter 2021 Newsletter

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Message from our Executive Director


Executive Director, Allan Lazo


In a year-end message, our executive director Allan Lazo captures the importance of building and maintaining connections to those we serve as we work to promote justice, equity, and inclusion in housing throughout Oregon.

Despite the continuing challenges and isolation of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, we recognize the value of those connections as together we work to end housing discrimination in Oregon.

Please read more in the short articles below for a few of the ways that we continue to connect with all of you throughout Oregon now and in the coming year. We continue to embrace technology. This allows us to reach across the state and increase the accessibility of our website. We also continue to expand our staff and resources in local communities.

After another year that has offered both challenges and opportunities, we are looking forward to all that the new year will bring – including the hope that we all will be able to connect again in-person soon enough.


Celebrating our New Website Launch


We recently launched our new and improved website!

On our new site you can now:


  • Easily report housing discrimination through a simple form.
  • View our pre-recorded online training courses.
  • Schedule a Fair Housing training session for you or your organization.
  • Register for one of our monthly no-cost training webinars.
  • Search our catalog of housing resources using specific key words or phrases.


2022 Fair Housing Poster Contest Announcement

Our 24th Annual Fair Housing Poster Contest is now LIVE! The Poster Contest is open to all Oregon students in grades 1-8. Check out the Poster Competition page on our new website for more details.




Upcoming Trainings

Fair Housing Basics

Join us Monday, January 24th, from noon to 12:30 p.m. for a free lunch presentation by Jamie Gatewood, Fair Housing Council of Oregon’s Education and Outreach Coordinator. This presentation will provide an overview of the basics of fair housing law, who it protects, what discrimination might look like, and what to do if you think you may be the victim of housing discrimination. Please send questions and comments ahead of the event to information@fhco.org.



Register Here


Meet our New Staff


Eliza Galaher


Education & Outreach Specialist

Eliza Galaher is a resident of Columbia County and is honored to serve as an education and outreach specialist working with the North Coast region. Born and raised in Portland, Eliza spent 26 years of her adulthood living in various parts of the country, from New York City to New Mexico to western Massachusetts to Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a couple of other places tucked in between. In that time, she worked in the worlds of publishing, education, and social services/caring services.

While grateful for a rich and varied time away from Oregon, she is happy to have landed back here where she now spends her free time working in her garden, on her crafts, and doing what she can to keep her dogs happy (while the cat sits and watches somewhat smugly).




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