The Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO) is a statewide nonprofit civil rights organization that has worked to promote housing justice, equity, and inclusion, and whose mission is to end illegal housing discrimination and advocate for equal access to housing choice. FHCO is a leader in fighting to protect renters and homebuyers against illegal housing discrimination based on protected class status in any housing transaction, through education, outreach, technical assistance, and enforcement specifically related to federal, state, and local fair housing laws. FHCO also works with local and state governments to ensure housing policies and programs are fair and provide guidance and resources for their work in affirmatively furthering fair housing across the state of Oregon.

FHCO is looking for passionate, committed people to join its Board of Directors. The information below tells more about the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of members of the Board of Directors. Interested candidates should apply by completing the attached application along with a short letter of interest.  If you have any questions about the position or would like to request accommodations for completing the application, please email

The Nominating Committee accepts applications on a rolling basis.

Role of the Board

The Board of Directors provides many valuable services to the organization and community. These characteristics comprise key attributes that the organization is seeking in new board members. While not any one candidate will possess every skill, connection, or technical knowledge, the intent is to build a well-rounded and capable group of advisors who can enhance the work of FHCO.

  • Strategic direction: Housing is a complex and ever changing field, governed by multiple layers of jurisdictional oversight and policies, with millions of private businesses and individuals building, selling, buying, renting, financing, insuring and otherwise engaged in housing in some way. Finding the key leverage points to continually move housing towards more equity, more accessibility, more opportunity for all Oregonians is challenging. FHCO relies on board members’ insight, experience, and commitment to find and pursue opportunities for change.
  • Advocacy: Board members use their professional, political, and personal networks to advocate for policy change at the local and state level, supplementing and magnifying staff efforts.
  • Representation: Telling the story of how fair housing access is essential to the ability of all Oregonians to pursue opportunity and build prosperous lives. Board members are the face of fair housing and FHCO. Board members who have lived experience with discrimination based on their membership in a protected class are effective messengers of the damage caused by housing discrimination and the need for strong action to counter discriminatory policies and actions.

Desired Qualities of Board Candidates

  • Knowledge about the challenges of housing, including generational poverty, access to resources and information, historic and current discriminatory practices, and policies, etc.
  • Willingness to be a public face for fair housing, representing FHCO in the community, in the media, and with decision makers
  • Specific skills such as legal and/or financial expertise to assist in effective oversight and direction of the organization
  • Knowledge of current regulations and laws governing housing in Oregon and the U.S.
  • Experience with litigation to help FHCO be strategic with limited resources
  • Knowledge of government and private funding for housing
  • Strong networks in the community


  • Be an active and engaged member of the Board, including attending all Board meetings (between 4-6 meetings annually) unless excused, and serving on subcommittees as needed
  • Represent FHCO in the community as appropriate with things such as attending community events related to housing, speaking with the media as needed, meeting with donors and decision makers, etc.