(Morrow, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Malheur, Harney, Grant, Hood River, Wasco, Jefferson, Deschutes, Wheeler Counties)

  • La Grande: A woman and her young disabled daughter were granted a reasonable accommodation request for an assigned parking spot close to the entrance to their apartment and a modification for additional sidewalk to accommodate the daughter’s wheelchair. The housing provider made the modifications without consulting the tenant, despite the fact that the tenant tried multiple times to address the issues before the construction began.  The completed modifications did not meet the daughter’s needs.  FHCO advocated successfully with the provider and he agreed to make the needed changes to accommodate the tenant’s daughter.
  • Irrigon: The management of a manufactured home community was charging a Hispanic family of five (soon to be 6) additional rent for each family member. They told their rent would increase again after the next child was born. This “per person rent policy” clearly had a disproportionate impact on a protected class, families with children. FHCO successfully advocated with management and the policy was changed.