(Columbia, Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas Counties)
  • Portland: A family with young children purchased a condo and were the first family with young children to move into the community.  The home owners’ association then adopted new rules targeting young children and limiting their activities. Additionally, a neighbor began yelling at the children when they played outside. FHCO advocated. The HOA denied any harassment, but then agreed to remove the new rules.
  • Gresham: A resident with a physical disability had a designated parking spot in an apartment complex. A new management company took over the complex and removed the assigned spot without consulting the resident because the resident doesn’t own a car. What the company wasn’t taking into consideration was that the resident had care workers coming every day and they had a difficult time transporting the resident to their vehicles because they were being forced to park on a street blocks away from the building. The company initially refused to reinstate the parking spot, but FHCO advocated and then the resident was re-assigned a designated spot.
  • Portland: A woman from Mexico, speaking limited English, applied to a rental management company that required a lot of paperwork. The applicant’s daughter, who speaks English, assisted her in filling out the paperwork. After several months, the company informed the woman her paperwork was incomplete because she needed to sign a form explaining why the form was filled out in two different handwritings. They had offered the apartment to another applicant. FHCO advocated and the woman was then able to get another unit in the building.